Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Worst blogger ever

It's official, i am the worst blogger ever!

Time for a long overdue update. Lucy had quite a few treatments with Joanne but she hit a wall as far as progress went. Had vet out for other reasons so i got her to look at Lucy. She has had a lump of imflammed looking muscle just behind her wither since before i got her that has never gotten better. Vet wanted to x-ray so the next morning we headed into the clinic. Lucy got quite worried about the whole thing and even the sedation barely hit her. X-rays came back totally clean though so that's great. Vet prescribed bute and gave me the card for Kirsten Gollan who she spoke highly of. Lucy has had 1 treatment and one follow up with Kirsten since and is almost totally sound! Have pole exercises to do inhand and some cool old
school carrot stretches which Lucy enjoys. She is still very stiff laterally so it's a matter of getting her to bend and flex to loosen up all those muscles.

Latest photo at her much upscaled home. Condition looking much better. The Hanley Formula is truly magic. Never come across anything else that puts on condition and topline as well. But a photo is worth a thousand words. I would like her a bit more covered, but hey dreams are free!

A few months ago while still only at 70% sound/happy

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